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Welcome to our blog where you will learn what it takes to start your own non-profit, do some crafting or perhaps start a new career while still being a stay at home mom (or dad).

Make a difference with Operation School Wear

Recycle T shirts into DOG TOYS for home or donate to a Shelter Puppy!

by Cynthia Stribula on 07/07/17

One t shirt can be recycled into many things.  One of our favorite? Dog pull the video to learn how to do it yourself.  This is an easy one and recommended to ages 8+.

How to Make Easy Fabric Flowers

by Cynthia Stribula on 04/24/17

Save the fabric!  Yes, we all know that textiles are clogging up our landfills, but what can we do to use it?  A small stain does not render all the shirt useless.  Fabric flowers are a easy way and fun to make.  If you can cut a circle, you can make a flower fit for a queen.  They can be added to hair clips, headbands and pins.  

What our Charity does for the Community...Taking Care of Our Own Campaign!

by Cynthia Stribula on 04/06/17

A quick review of our organization and it's goals....we accept clothing donations from local people.  We wash and redistribute them to LOCAL people in need via referrals from school administration, homeless shelters, Human Services workers, CareerLink and other nonprofits in the area. Easy right? That is only HALF of what we do.  Clothing that is received with stains, tears, holes...or is otherwise unwearable is recycled into something new like a rugs, dog toys, cat toys, fabric flowers (for hairclips or headbands), potholders and whatever else we can find on Pintrest.  In essence, the nonprofits feeds our crafting addiction which is a good thing!  On average, each of us throws away over 80 pounds of fabric every year!  

In a nut shell we are not only helping people that are going through tough times, but we are also helping the planet by keeping fabric out of landfills.  

In March 2017 we helped 30 people with one of life's basic!